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Modifications To Coil Handling Software Improve Our Ability To Supply Customer Orders

Steel News - Published on Mon, 17 Jun 2019

Image Source: ArcelorMittal
Building an inventory of steel slabs provides us with more product available to ship to our customers. It means a shorter lead time and the ability to meet needs if customer demand spikes.  We recognize that it's important to be a dependable supplier to our customers. So, we look for efficient ways to manage our inventory.

Mr Thomas Hoffner, manager, primary scheduling, ArcelorMittal Indiana Harbor said that "We call slabs which are not on orders unapplied slabs. They have little utility. They can't be rolled through the hot strip mill unless they are applied to an order. If we can drop the unapplied inventory, we save the plant money and improve our ability to supply our customers."

To move unapplied slabs to applied, Indiana Harbor worked with Global Research and Development in France to modify a computer software program they built for use by our plants in Europe. We call it Reaper.
Our European plants use Reaper to apply coils. Indiana Harbor needed it modified to address slab inventory.
ReaperA software program called Reaper helps planners at Indiana Harbor be strategic in how they apply slabs to reduce unapplied inventory and meet customer needs.
"We formed a team which included planning, quality and IT," said Hoffner. "Fabrice Olivetto and Gael Mathis from Global R&D in France helped us with the modifications."
The team identified several opportunities to enhance the Reaper system.
"We tested a version that was under development and began seeing results immediately. It provided more options to our slab applications and increased the rate of application. We dropped our unapplied inventory by nearly half in the first few months we used Reaper."
Reaper has proven to be a valuable tool which helps our schedulers be strategic in applications to fulfill orders, and our customers count on us to be a reliable source of materials to meet their needs. This sentiment directly ties to sustainable development outcome 7: supply chains that our customers trust, as the Reaper is enabling us to uphold strong supplier relationships.

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Mon, 17 Jun 2019
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