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MOL Capesize Bulker Wakashio Aground off Mauritius

Logistic News - Published on Thu, 13 Aug 2020

Image Source: Wakashiom Sinking
Nagashiki Shipping Co Ltd, who is the owners and managers of bulk carrier Wakashio and Time Chartered to MOL, informed Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd that as of July 25 Local Time when the vessel ran aground, it had approximately 3,800 tonnes of Very Low Sulfphur Fuel Oil and 200 tonnes of Diesel Oil onboard and by August 11 approximately 1,020 tonnes of VLSFO ohad been pumped out and transferred onto small tankers. Approximately 1,180 tonnes had leaked out from the vessel fuel tank, which an estimated 1,000 tonne has leaked outside of the vessel, and 460 tonnes is estimated to been manually recovered from sea and coast. About 1,600 tonnes of VLSFO and about 200 tonnes of DO remain on the ship, and transfer work will continue.

MOL confirmed that the crack inside the hull of the ship had expanded. Since this ship is unable to navigate by itself, it is moored to a tugboat so that it will not drift even if it is broken. There is no cargo on board.

MOL have offered all support and assistance and are aware that a large team of professional oil responders and salvors, led by Smit International of the Netherlands, which has been contracted by owners and has been on site for some days. MOL are doing everything possible to support the efforts of owner and manager, Nagashiki Shipping and their appointed teams in mitigating they effects of the spill. MOL deplores any incident of oil pollution and continues to offer support to all involved in the response.

Profile of Wakashio
Type of ship: Capesize Bulker
Length/Breadth: 299.95M / 50.00M
Built: May 2007
Seafarers: 20 (Indian, Sri Lankan, Phillipino)
Flag: Panama
Shipowner: Okiyo Maritime (Nagashiki Shipping Co Ltd.)

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 13 Aug 2020
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