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MOL Initiatives for Recovery of Environmental Damage from Wakashio Incident

Logistic News - Published on Mon, 21 Sep 2020

Image Source: MOL Wakashio Spill Mauritius
Mitsui OSK Lines Ltd announced to provide long-term contributions to the environment and the society of Mauritius with the support and cooperation of experts and organizations with specialized knowledge of environmental restoration and protection, and working closely with the government of Japan. Thirteen MOL Group employees have been dispatched to the site, and MOL has procured and transported essential items for the collection and recovery of leaked oil as well as other relief supplies. The details of the projects are as follows.

The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has already dispatched experts to Mauritius to conduct mid and long-term environmental monitoring and consider measures to restore the environment.

MOL will implement the following projects in cooperation with Japan’s Ministry of the Environment

(1) Mangrove protection/nurturing project
Plan to set up a Consortium with companies, and to cooperate with local NGOs.
Advise & Cooperation:
Japan Society for Mangroves, University of Mauritius
Planning activities:
Cleaning that does not damage the mangrove forest ecosystem
Conservation of biodiversity beneath Mangrove forests
Planting of Mangrove trees

(2) Coral reef recovery project
Cooperate with Universities, Research Institutes, and Corporation, and plan to build up a joint project with local NGOs.
Innoqua Inc., University of Mauritius, Albion Fisheries Research Center, EcoMode Society
Planning activities:
Immediate nurturing of coral reef using cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence (AI)
Support coral farming activities in underwater coral shelves
Use the latest technology to protect coral reefs from mud suspended in seawater

(3) Protecting seabirds and conducting research on rare species of seabirds
Protection of seabirds and support research related to the protection of rare species

(4) Establishment of the Mauritius Natural Environment Recovery Fund (tentative name)
Founded with the objectives of carrying out items (1) - (3) above
As the founder, MOL plans to contribute about a total of 800 million Japanese Yen over several years
The fund is planned to be open to public including companies and individuals. (Nagashiki as the Owner of Wakashio has expressed intention to join the fund)
Operational support: The Japan Research Institute, Limited

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 21 Sep 2020
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