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Network Rail Names Winners of Design Services Deal

Infra News - Published on Thu, 16 Jan 2020

Image Source: Network Rail
Network Rail has revealed the firms it will use to deliver design services across the country. he work will be shared between 34 suppliers across a range of regional and design disciples worth £400m for Control Period 6 (2019-2024) and up to £640m including options to extend to Control Period 7 (2024-2029).
The Design Services Framework consists of four multi-discipline frameworks and 78 single-discipline frameworks.

Multi-Discipline National Frameworks
AECOM, Jacobs UK, Mott MacDonald, WSP

The new DSF aims to provide access to a wider range of multi-skilled suppliers including small and medium enterprises which account for 25% of the single discipline suppliers named.

Single Discipline Regional Frameworks
DisciplineDSF RegionSupplier
TrackNorth West & ScotlandAECOM Infrastructure & Environment UK
TrackSouth West
TelecomsNorth West & ScotlandAlun Griffiths (Contractors)
TelecomsSouth West
TelecomsNorth East
SignallingSouth WestAM Signalling Design
SignallingSouth East
Electrification & Plant - PlantSouth WestAmey OWR
SignallingSouth West
TrackNorth East
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsSouth EastAndromeda Engineering
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsSouth West
Electrification & Plant - DistributionNorth West & ScotlandArcadis Consulting (UK)
Electrification & Plant - DistributionNorth East
Civils & StructuralNorth West & Scotland
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth East
TrackSouth WestBaker Hicks
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsNorth East
GeotechnicalNorth West & Scotland
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsNorth EastBalfour Beatty Rail
TrackSouth East
TrackNorth East
Civils & StructuralNorth West & ScotlandCapita Property & Infrastructure
Civils & StructuralSouth East
Consents & EnvironmentSouth East
TelecomsSouth EastDB Engineering & Consulting
SignallingNorth West & ScotlandEgis Rail UK
SignallingNorth East
Buildings & ArchitectureSouth WestIdom Merebrook
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsSouth West
GeotechnicalNorth EastJacobs U.K.
GeotechnicalSouth West
Civils & StructuralNorth East
Electrification & Plant - PlantSouth EastKier Integrated Services
SignallingSouth East
Electrification & Plant - PlantNorth EastKristelan (UK) t/a SVM Glasgow.
Electrification & Plant - PlantSouth West
Electrification & Plant - PlantSouth East
TrackNorth West & ScotlandMott MacDonald
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsNorth West & Scotland
Electrification & Plant - DistributionSouth WestNavitas Engineering
Buildings & ArchitectureSouth EastPascall & Watson
Civils & StructuralSouth EastPell Frischmann Consultants
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth West & Scotland
Civils & StructuralNorth East
GeotechnicalNorth EastRamboll UK
GeotechnicalSouth West
GeotechnicalSouth East
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth East
Civils & StructuralSouth WestRobert Bird & Partners
Buildings & ArchitectureSouth EastRPS Consulting Services
Buildings & ArchitectureNorth West & Scotland
Buildings & ArchitectureSouth West
Consents & EnvironmentSouth WestRSK Environment
Electrification & Plant - DistributionSouth EastSiemens Mobility
Electrification & Plant - DistributionSouth West
TelecomsSouth EastSoftech Rail
TelecomsNorth West & ScotlandTelent Technology Services
TelecomsSouth West
TelecomsNorth East
Consents & EnvironmentSouth EastTemple Group
Consents & EnvironmentNorth East
GeotechnicalNorth West & ScotlandTony Gee & Partners
GeotechnicalSouth East
TrackSouth EastTony Gee & Partners and Egis Rail UK
Electrification & Plant - DistributionNorth West & ScotlandUK Power Networks Services
Electrification & Plant - DistributionNorth East
Electrification & Plant - DistributionSouth East
Electrification & Plant - PlantNorth EastVolkerRail Specialist Businesses
SignallingNorth West & Scotland
SignallingNorth East
Consents & EnvironmentNorth West & ScotlandWaterman Infrastructure & Environment
Consents & EnvironmentNorth East
Consents & EnvironmentSouth West
Consents & EnvironmentNorth West & ScotlandWood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsNorth West & ScotlandWSP UK
Electrification & Plant - Contact SystemsSouth East
Civils & StructuralSouth West

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 16 Jan 2020
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