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Nornickel Clean Up Progress Update on Accident

Metal News - Published on Fri, 11 Sep 2020

Image Source: Nornickel Clean Up Progress
Neftetank has completed pumping of water and fuel mixture collected from the Ambarnaya River after the HPP-3 spill to the Lebyazhye tailings dam. As at 8 September 2020, Neftetank has pumped nearly 15,000 cubic metres of the mixture. Along with the pumping operations, the company is finalising works to build the main field storage unit from which the mixture will be transferred to the Lebyazhye tailings dam. It has installed and put into operation 84 tanks to store the collected water and fuel mixture. In the near future, 23 more tanks will be added as they become available and can be delivered from the tundra, where they have been used for temporary holding of the water and fuel mixture pumped from the Ambarnaya River.

To carry out all works, Neftetank has sent its own construction machinery to Norilsk. To install a reinforced flexible pipeline for pumping the water and fuel mixture from the Ambarnaya River to the Lebyazhye tailings dam, the company delivered 18 km of flexible pipes and relevant accessories, and four high-capacity pump units to the emergency area. All equipment will remain on site until the works are completed.

The clean-up operations involved 163 tanks (built by the company) with a total capacity of around 30,000 cubic metres. Apart from laying the pipeline and pumping the fuel, Neftetank will install fuel storage systems on other NTEC sites, specifically the Kureyskaya and Ust-Khantaiskaya HPPs and Norilsktransgaz.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Fri, 11 Sep 2020
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