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Nornickel Update on Accident Clean Up Progress

Metal News - Published on Fri, 31 Jul 2020

Image Source: Nornickel Arctic Spill
The Board of Nornickel commended management on the substantial progress that has been made in cleaning up the spill. It was updated on the work being done in the Environmental Task Team and the utilisation of ERM to undertake an independent assessment of the spill and related matters. The Board also discussed the recent management changes to improve the focus on and culture towards environmental affairs. Further measures to strengthen the team are planned shortly. The Board commended the introduction of environmental KPI’s for Nornickel staff and the leadership of the new risk committee by the company’s President, Vladimir Potanin. On the question of Nornickel head office, it was noted that the management board is and would continue to spend substantial amounts of time in Norilsk, and Norilsk would be considered the “centre of gravity” until its environmental affairs could be regarded as world class.

Neftetank started pumping the water and fuel mixture from the Ambarnaya River following the fuel spill at HPP-3. A 12 km pipeline was built for this purpose, with another 6 km to be added in the near future, to finalise the first phase of the clean-up efforts at the accident site.

The pipeline’s throughput rate will be 30 to 40 cu m per hour. The work will be organised round the clock, on a three-shift basis. According to expert estimates, it will take 42 days to transfer the collected mixture. The pumped water and fuel mixture will be sent to a dedicated site at the Lebyazhye tailings storage facility, where Neftetank will promptly arrange fuel storage area with 120 tanks with a total capacity of about 30,000 cu m.

During the first phase of the clean-up efforts, Neftetank manufactured and delivered a total of 173 Model MR-NT-250-N tanks, pipes and other components for an 18 km pipeline from the Ambarnaya River to the Lebyazhye tailings storage site.

Preparations for the delivery of oil tanks from Neftetank’s warehouse in the Moscow Region started immediately after receiving the first request from Norilsk Nickel in early June. The first 93 oil tanks were delivered to the accident site within the shortest time possible. All the tanks are fitted with waterproofing membranes.

Additionally, Neftetank is conducting engineering surveys at other Norilsk Nickel facilities, including the Kureyskaya and Ust-Khantaiskaya hydroelectric generating stations and the Lebyazhye tailings storage facility. Based on the survey findings, tank farms of these facilities will be retrofitted with equipment manufactured by Neftetank. Installation of the equipment will be performed and supervised also by Neftetank. Engineering surveys at other facilities, including the temporary storage site in the town of Tukhard (operated by Norilsktransgaz), HPP-1, HPP-2 and HPP-3, are also on the plan.

As at July 29, over 30 employees of Neftetank were taking part in the clean-up efforts, supported by 20 units of pumping and other equipment, loading and unloading machines, including five crawlers owned by the Company.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Fri, 31 Jul 2020
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