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NSK Develops In-Wheel Motor with Wireless Charging in Motion

Auto News - Published on Thu, 31 Oct 2019

Image Source: nsk
A research group comprised of NSK Ltd, the Fujimoto Laboratory of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences at the University of Tokyo, Bridgestone Corporation, ROHM Co Ltd and Toyo Electric Mfg Co Ltd succeeded in developing and testing a third-generation wireless in-wheel motor (W-IWM) capable of charging from coils embedded in the road while in motion. Reducing CO2 emissions in order to realize a low-carbon society is a challenge we face on a global scale, which also strongly calls for emissions reductions in automobiles. In light of this, automakers across the world are promoting the development and spread of automobile electrification. Not having an internal combustion engine, nor emitting CO2, electric vehicles (EV) are seen as a particularly effective means to solve the emissions issue.

Nevertheless, there have been concerns raised regarding the convenience of charging EV and the amount of resources required to produce large amounts of battery cells. EV capable of running efficiently with a minimal amount of battery cells is required for the sustainable spread of EV. To that effect, wireless charging while the EV is on the road (in motion) has been drawing attention to realize EV with small batteries. A significant amount of research is being conducted around the world to make in-motion charging a reality.

NSK has been carrying out research and development with the University of Tokyo group for a number of years, and announced the successful demonstration of second-generation W-IWM in 20171 with the capability of charging in motion. Recently, the project was selected for support under the Japan Science and Technology Agency’s Mirai Program2, and additional companies have joined the industrial-academic project team.

The third-generation W-IWM developed by the joint group has vastly improved in-motion charging capability, motor performance, and ease of mounting, bringing together features required for practical application.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Thu, 31 Oct 2019
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