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Polestar 2 is in Final Stage

Auto News - Published on Thu, 17 Oct 2019

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Chassis development for Polestar 2 is in its final stages as the new electric performance fastback is being readied for production in early 2020. As an electric performance brand, Polestar is focused on creating a unique driving sensation that sets Polestar cars apart and offers drivers a fun and engaging experience.Polestar 2 is a performance car from the outset. With 300 kW, 660 Nm and all-wheel drive, the powerful electric drivetrain enables quick acceleration and a thrilling drive by default. The dynamic chassis offers confidence and comfort, balanced with sportiness and fun – for Polestar, performance is about more than just straight-line acceleration.

The optional Performance Pack takes the car to the next level, with more focussed driver engagement and superior driving dynamics. Large Brembo brakes and adjustable Öhlins dampers make Polestar 2 particularly unique.

Mr Joakim Rydholm is Polestar’s lead chassis engineer and chief test driver responsible for tuning Polestar 2 to perfection, creating a strong connection between car and driver. He said that “We wanted to create a car that people will really enjoy driving. As with Polestar 1, we spend time in many different environments around the world with Polestar 2, fine-tuning and testing lots of different chassis attributes – to find what we call ‘the golden ride’. This is the moment when we as chassis engineers find the ultimate configuration, a perfect balance between dampers, brakes, tyres, steering and power delivery that gives us goose bumps.”

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Thu, 17 Oct 2019
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