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Positive gold recoveries enhance Pilbara Gold Project potential

Mining News - Published on Thu, 14 Feb 2019

Image Source: Proactive Investors
Technical Director Andy Beckwith said “The 90% recovery on the Withnelt sulphide mineralisation is an outstanding improvement making Withneii a fundamental long-term baseload to the project. We are increasingly more confident that Withneii will also provide a long term high-grade underground mining opportunity. GR Engineering are working on the plant design and costings and from this we will be re-evaluating pit optimisations and the potential to add an underground mining component. The simplified processing flowsheet, rapid extraction times and reduced grinding requirements, together with on-going exploration success, point to a significantly enhanced operation. We are currently assessing the optimal project."


Breakthrough +90% recovery confirmed for “pyrite dominated sulphide” mineralisation at Withnell - the key sulphide deposit at the project - likely to improve project economics.

Average indicated recoveries for mineralisation types:
• +94% - Oxide material
• +92% - Free milling fresh material
• +90% - Pyrite dominated sulphide material

Ongoing optimisation seeking to further improve recoveries

High gold recovery maintained at coarser grind size significantly reducing grinding requirements and likely the associated power costs.

Simplified process flowsheet developed, GR Engineering Services now refining plant design, layout and costings. All components to be conventional industry accepted, targeting operating costs equal to or less than industry average for the relevant operation scale.

Diamond drilling has been underway at Withnell since mid-January.
An RC rig is due to arrive shortly to commence at Toweranna. Priority resource extension drilling will target Toweranna, Mt Berghaus and Mallina during the first half of the year..

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 14 Feb 2019
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