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Power Ore Announces First Three Drill Holes Results At Opemiska

Mining News - Published on Tue, 18 Jun 2019

Image Source: The Northern Miner
PowerOre Inc announced results of the first three drill holes from its spring 2019 drill program at the Opemiska Copper Mine Complex in the Chibougamau District of Quebec. Mr Stephen Stewart, Power Ore's CEO, said that "These are just the first three holes out of the twenty three hole program and we are happy they confirm important thicknesses of disseminated mineralization at Opemiska. These widely mineralized copper zones will be fundamental to our reinterpretation of the Opemiska. Perhaps most importantly is how shallow these mineralized zones are and how they can be incorporated into our objective of delineating an open pit resource. Hole 03 was an exploration hole in the rhyolite mineralization on the west of the property which had always been interpreted as barren. Intersecting 79 meters of shallow mineralization in the rhyolites means there is still a lot to learn on this project."

Notable intersections include:

1.41% copper equivalent over 58.1 meters starting at 49.9 meters down hole including 5.9% copper equivalent over 8.5 meters in hole OPM-19-02

0.72% copper equivalent over 23.6 meters starting at 51 meters down hole including 1.47% copper equivalent over 7.1 meters in hole OPM-19-01

0.24% copper equivalent over 79 meters starting at 33 meters down hole including 0.51 % copper equivalent over 25.7 meters in hole OPM-19-03

Copper Equivalent grade including copper, gold, silver, cobalt and zinc based on 100% recoveries is calculated using the following equation: Cu Eq. = [(Cu % x 20 x Cu price) +

(Au grade / 34.2857 x Au price) + (Ag grade / 34.2857 x Ag price) + (Co % x 20 x Co price) + (Zn % x 20 x Zn price)] / (20 x Cu price). We used Cu, Au, Ag, Co and Zn price of US$2.65, US$1,325 and US$14.75, US$15.00 and US$1.15 respectively.

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Tue, 18 Jun 2019
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