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Prairie Minin operations update

Coal News - Published on Mon, 18 Mar 2019

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Possible Prairie and JSW Co-Operation - During the half-year, Prairie and JSW jointly reported that JSW's due diligence had confirmed semi-soft coking coal quality at Jan Karski which JSW could potentially utilise, and had also indicated the technical feasibility and potential synergies in accessing Debiensko via JSW's existing infrastructure. JSW estimates such synergies could potentially enable production within 18 months from all relevant permits and concession amendments being granted. Prairie and JSW signed an extension to a non-disclosure agreement in order to discuss a deal structure and commercial terms for any co-operation or transaction and for the adaption of mine plans for both Debiensko and Jan Karski to align with JSW's development concepts and to maximise potential synergies. There can be no certainty as to whether any transaction(s) will be agreed, or the potential form of such transaction(s). The Company will continue to comply with its continuous disclosure obligations and will make announcements to the market as required.

Debiensko Mine (Premium Hard Coking Coal) - In December 2016, following the acquisition of Debiensko, Prairie applied to the Ministry of Environment to amend the 50-year Debiensko mining concession to extend the time stipulated in the mining concession for first production of coal from 2018 to 2025. In January 2019, Prairie received a final “second instance” decision from the Ministry of Environment that has denied the amendment application. The 50-year Debiensko mining concession remains in place and Prairie will strongly defend its position and continue to take relevant actions to pursue its legal rights regarding the Debiensko concession amendment, which includes an appeal that has been filed with Poland's Administrative Court.

Jan Karski Mine (Semi-Soft Coking Coal) - Poland's Supreme Administrative Court finally and fully rejected Bogdanka's administrative complaints against Poland's Ministry of Environment regarding the refusal of Bogdanka's 2013 application for a mining concession over the K-6-7 deposit at Jan Karski.

The Supreme Administrative Court has also upheld the 2016 Regional Administrative Court decision that obliged the Ministry of Environment to approve Prairie s Addendum No.3 for the K-6-7 deposit. Addendum No.3 is a detailed resource estimate for the K-6-7 deposit according to Polish geological reporting standards and is based on the results of Prairie's exploration program at the deposit.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Mon, 18 Mar 2019
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