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Primetals Technologies & Tata Steel Europe complete Remote Commissioning of Continuous Caster

Steel News - Published on Fri, 20 Sep 2019

Image Source: Primetals Technologies
For the first time in over 50 years of cooperation, Primetals Technologies and Tata Steel Europe have commissioned a Level 2 system for a continuous caster completely online. In mid-July 2019, the newsystem from Primetals Technologies successfully replaced the existing automation on continuous casterCC21 of Tata Steel Europe in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. At the same time, Primetals Technologies isconstructing continuous caster CC23 for Tata Steel Europe in IJmuiden, which will also be equipped withthe Level 2 system. This harmonization of the automation solutions will simplify the control andoptimization of the production processes. One advantage of the new solution is that the calculationalgorithms and software models have additional potential to improve strand cooling, speed- & widthcontrol and thus improve production performance and right first time casting.Step-by-step remote commissioning with online support in real time.

In July 2019, Primetals Technologies and Tata Steel Europe successfully completed the entirely remotecommissioning of the Level 2 system for continuous caster CC21 in IJmuiden, the Netherlands. Thecorrect coupling to the Level 1 system and the existing IT environment at Tata Steel Europe hadpreviously been tested in several cold-runs with on-site support of Primetals Technologies. All 10 hot-runs and commission were supported on-line, resulting in the successful casting of 140 Heats with a totalof 1900 slabs in mid-June 2019.

The experts from Primetals Technologies were continuously connected online to the team from TataSteel Europe in IJmuiden and their system throughout all the hot runs, and they supported the operatorat the plant in real time a premiere for both companies. This successful commissioning was based ondefining all relevant interfaces in detail in advance, and the intensive preparations of the experts of bothcompanies, which was characterized by mutual trust and the highly complementary technical andmetallurgical know-how of both sides.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Fri, 20 Sep 2019
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