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Production of the ID.3 EV Starts at Zwickau Plant of Volkswagen

Auto News - Published on Thu, 07 Nov 2019

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Volkswagen’s electric offensive is picking up speed with start of series production of the ID.3. The first car in the new generation of electric vehicles, a white ID.3, rolled off the assembly line watched by Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel and Group CEO Dr Herbert Diess. The Volkswagen Group plans to sell some 22 million EVs worldwide by 2028, thus helping EVs make the breakthrough and Zwickau has a key role to play in this endeavor. For the first time, a large car manufacturing plant is being entirely converted to e-mobility, with investments running at EUR 1.2 billion. Zwickau is already scheduled to produce some 100,000 electric models next year. From 2021, up to 330,000 EVs will leave the assembly line each year, making the site the largest and most efficient EV factory in Europe and a trailblazer in the transformation of Volkswagen’s global production network.

Apart from manufacturing at the Zwickau factory, the Components plants in Brunswick, Kassel, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg are also involved in ID.3 production. They manufacture key components such as the electric motors or the battery systems. The car manufacturing plants in Emden and Hanover are scheduled to begin building EVs from 2022. Moreover, the Group is also cooperating with Northvolt to set up a major battery cell factory in Salzgitter.

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Thu, 07 Nov 2019
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