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Productivity Record at Danieli Bar & Wirerod Mill at Rajhi Steel

Steel News - Published on Thu, 28 May 2020

Image Source: Bar Wirerod Mill
The Danieli bar and wirerod mill at Rajhi Steel in Saudi Arabia produced 101,036 tonnes of finished product during March 2020, and 286,312 tonnes during Q1 2020. Supplied by Danieli in 2010, the Rajhi Steel long-product minimill is designed to produce 1 million tonnes year of deformed bars in 10 to 40 mm diameters and plain & deformed wirerod in 5.5 to 16 mm diameters in low, medium and high carbon steels.The steelmaking facility of the minimll is comprised of a 100-ton AC Danarc EAF and LF, 5/6-strand billet caster for 130- to 160-mm billets, and a 1,380,000 Nm3/h dedusting plant to treat primary and secondary fumes. The mill rolls billets coming from a 200-tph re-heating furnace at 40 m/sec onto the bar cooling bed, equipped with a double twin-channel system for bar braking and discharging, and forms wirerod coils at 105 m/s. The bar finishing mill features two, 4-pass DWB Delta-type, high-speed finishing blocks and in-line QTB water-quenching system for high tensile strength, weldable deformed bars.

The wirerod finishing mill includes a 10-pass, DWB wirerod finishing block and controlled cooling line with QTR water cooling system, loop layer and controlled cooling conveyor for natural, fast and retarded cooling.

Reheating systems from Danieli combustion and full process controls from Danieli Automation.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 28 May 2020
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