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Rails supplied to railways are defect free - SAIL

Steel News - Published on Tue, 16 Jan 2018

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Business Line reported that country’s largest steelmaker SAIL has said the rails supplied to railways are totally “defect free” and processing of tracks at the PSU follows highest level of quality control. The statement comes in the wake of railways inviting a global tender to plug the shortfall in supply of rails from Steel Authority of India Ltd. A company official said “Production of rails is a complex multi stage process. The processing of rail tracks at SAIL follows highest level of quality control by virtue of which almost 15% of work in progress is kept aside during various stages of production.”

The official added that “The 100 per cent of rails supplied by SAIL to Indian railways are inspected by a third party and are completely defect free.”

Recently, SAIL commissioned its 1.2 MTPA new Universal Rail Mill. And with this, the PSU has begun the commercial production of world’s longest single rail of 130 meters from the new URM.

The PSU official said that “This URM will take BSP’s (Bhilai Steel Plant) total capacity to produce rails at 2.0 MTPA, which will be the largest rail production capacity in any single location for a plant world over. Alongside the URM, a long rail welding complex had also been set with proven technology for world class rail welding. The welding complex is equipped with fully automated flash butt welding machine to weld rail panels of 260-metre length and fully automated long rail handling facility.”

This URM complex will equip SAIL to meet railways’ specific demand of 260-metre rails as the new mill is capable of producing 260 metre long rail with a single weld and also has the provision to supply welded panels up to 520 metre length in future, the official said.

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Tue, 16 Jan 2018
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