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Severnaya Verf Starts Kapitan Abakumov Trawler for NOREBO Group

Logistic News - Published on Thu, 06 Aug 2020

Image Source: Severnaya Verf Kapitan Abakumov NOREBO
Yet another processing trawler of Project 170701 Kapitan Abakumov, ordered by NOREBO Group has been laid down at Severnaya Verf shipyard by Andrey Kiselyov, General Director of by Karat-1 JSC. This trawler, like the previous five ships in the series is intended for catching and processing of fish in the North-West of the Atlantic Ocean. The next four trawlers of Project 170701 will be intended for operation in the Far East. The construction is covered by the state programme distribution of catch quotas among Russia fishing companies having new ships built by domestic shipyards.

Norebo is to invest up to RUB 38.4 billion in construction of 10 processing trawlers. The series is intended for bottom and pelagic trawling, processing and storage of fish. The ships’ multifunctional fish processing plants are intended for production of fillet, minced fish, fish liver and fish flower.

The trawlers laid down with an interval of four months, Kapitan Sokolov, Kapitan Geller, Kapitan Ostashkov, Kapitan Breyhman and Kapitan Tuzov, are under construction. The lead one, Kapitan Sokolov, is to be rolled out to the open slip in August.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 06 Aug 2020
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