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Severstal launches Technopark to promote cooperation between innovative companies

Steel News - Published on Mon, 17 Dec 2018

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, announced the launch of Severstal Technopark, a facility to enable innovative companies to cooperate and implement and commercialize joint products and technologies. The Technopark's infrastructure includes a production centre, featuring technically advanced equipment to create new product prototypes. The centre is already capable of performing a full test cycle: carrying out melting with a volume of 250 kg, hot and cold rolling of test samples, heat treatments and all necessary tests and experiments. The prototype complex allows users to test a larger number of hypotheses and quickly develop new products. Technopark users will also have access to modern laboratories with facilities for chemical substance analysis and metal expertise. In addition, the Technopark features a Computer Modelling Centre, whose experts can calculate the characteristics of products and equipment through mathematical analysis.

Cooperating with the Technopark will be beneficial both for existing industrial enterprises interested in innovative development as well as start-ups developing new market products. In addition to providing the research and material base for testing and implementing developments, Severstal will assist its partners with the process of conducting patent searches and protecting their intellectual property.

Mr Alexander Shevelev, CEO of Severstal, commented that “In Severstal’s renewed strategy this year, we announced our goal to become the leader of the steel industry of the future. We are certain that this can only be possible through cooperation and combining our expertise and resources with the abilities of other members of the metallurgical industry, an opportunity which is made possible by Severstal Technopark. I am confident that the cooperative culture generated by the Technopark will enable the development of both new innovative ideas and existing approaches.”

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Mon, 17 Dec 2018
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