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Smoke Emission From Steel Mills Irks Bara Residents

Steel News - Published on Tue, 25 Jun 2019

Image Source: The Express Tribune
The residents of Bara and surrounding areas have asked the authorities concerned to resolve the issue of smoke emission from factories in residential areas in this subdivision of the Khyber district. They complained that several illegal factories had been established in Alamgudar, Karigar Garhi, Malik Garhi, Kalanga and other areas. Talking to The News here, Shah Nawaz Afridi said influential people had established dozens of factories in the residential areas which emitted poisonous smoke.

He claimed that “The Khyber administration had set a 10-day deadline for the factories owners a month ago but they did not install chimneys to control the poisonous smoke.” He added that several factories, including steel mills and marble factories, emitted smoke that troubled the people.

The residents said that raw materials of steel mills and marbles were also being thrown on the roadsides and streets. He said that “I am mulling vacating the house in Karigar Garhi and shift to another place due to poisonous smoke and smell of the factories.” Another resident, Muhammad Hayat Afridi, told this scribe that local people were facing difficulties due to the factories surrounding Bara Bazaar.

He said that many residents had sold their property and shifted to Peshawar and other areas. The resident added the families which had shifted to Peshawar in militancy as they did not want to come back to Bara due to a huge smoke in the surrounding area. The resident added due to heavy smoke from the factories schoolchildren and daily-wagers leave homes without taking breakfast.

Another resident, Mr Shah Hussain Afridi, said that “Our area has been facing a host of problems including the illegally established factories.” He maintained that the shopkeepers, daily wagers and businessmen were suffering due to smoke from the steel mills.

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Tue, 25 Jun 2019
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