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Southern Asia To Wind Down Coal To Keep Warming In Check - Researchers

Coal News - Published on Tue, 25 Jun 2019

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Reuters, citing researchers, reported that countries in South and Southeast Asia must end their reliance on coal power plants and switch to clean energy in order to meet pledges to curb climate change and tackle air pollution. A study from Perth-based think tank Climate Analytics warned that failure to do so threatened a global goal to limit warming.

Author Paola Yanguas Parra said in a statement that "Plans for major new coal deployment in these regions alone could put the Paris Agreement objectives out of reach given that countries in South and Southeast Asia account for half of the world's planned coal power expansion."

The 2015 Paris accord set a goal to limit average global temperature rise to "well below" 2 degrees Celsius (3.6F) above pre-industrial times, and to "pursue efforts" for 1.5C.

The study said investing in renewables, like solar and wind, would mitigate the effects of climate change such as droughts and crop failure, boost economic growth, improve access to electricity, clean up air and bolster water supplies.

Asia-Pacific, home to two-thirds of the world's people, is experiencing rising urbanisation, population and economic growth, leaving nations scrambling to provide enough electric power while keeping promises to cut heat-trapping emissions.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Tue, 25 Jun 2019
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