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Sustainable building practices and materials need to be adopted – Mr YPS Suri

Steel News - Published on Fri, 15 Feb 2019

Image Source: Ouokumpu
Eminent architects and experts attending the day long 360 degree conference titled Designing for the Future stressed on the need of cities adopting sustainable building practices and use of innovative materials which have long life in various cities. Eminent architect I M Kadri, while inaugurating the seminar, said “Worldwide sustainable building practices are increasingly being given a high priority by architects and developers. This helps in shifting the goal from not only saving energy but also controlling greenhouse gas emissions, resource and water efficiency as well as health and comfort. Similarly use of innovative materials help in increasing building’s life cycle cost and make them sustainable for years.”

Mr Yatinder Pal Singh Suri, Chairman Process, Plant and Manufacturing Association of India (PPMAI) and Managing Director and Country head Outokumpu India, said “The environmental impact of construction materials is a growing concern it is having profound effect on the way we live. It is high time we cultivate a more sustainable way of living to ensure viability of our natural resources for future generations. While designing and building the new resilient and smart cities in India, the Architects and students should ensure enough pathways for pedestrians, enough cycling space to move around on bicycles, homes and mobility to be based on renewable energy and creating farmlands around the city to supply seasonal fruits n vegetables. These will go a long way to ensure balance between what our planet can provide and what we consume. Worldwide sustainable iconic structures like Bhurji Khalifa in Dubai and Chrysler Building in USA have used sustainable innovative materials including stainless steel , the same perspective should come to India also and it should also have an iconic building with 1000 years of life using innovative materials so that the future generations are able to relate to the history and culture of the country. Nowadays worldwide, the monuments, iconic structures are being built for a very long life, from a minimum of 300 to a maximum of 1000 years. As a sustainable, durable, low-maintenance material, stainless steel is enjoying increasing awareness as well as popularity amongst architects and designers as an interior styling feature for its aesthetic qualities and polished finishes. Architects have to consider that buildings are planned for areas where Mother Nature is harsh. The choice of stainless steel in these cases would seem to be a logical conclusion. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable and there is no limit to how much recycled scrap can be used to produce new stainless steel.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 15 Feb 2019
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