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Thermoplastic Composites from Covestro set a new Aesthetic Direction in Automotive Exteriors

Auto News - Published on Thu, 05 Sep 2019

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Unidirectional carbon fiber optics and a high-quality surface offered by the polycarbonate matrix, Maezio continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites from Covestro bring a new tool to automotive designers’ toolbox for designing unique appearances. One case in point: they have given the ES8 and ES6, the all-electric SUVs from Chinese Electric Vehicle startup NIO, a boost on the wheels. At the K 2019 plastics trade fair from October 16-23 in Düsseldorf Covestro will present wheel blades made from this material.

The wheels feature aluminum rims with opt-in carbon fiber blade inserts, designed to lend the vehicle a high-end aesthetic appeal with a lightweight flavor and improved aerodynamics. What Maezio™ composites bring to the table is a combination of a unique appearance with unidirectional carbon fiber optics and a wide variety of finishing options. Further information on these products can be found here.

To achieve a high level of aesthetics, the choice of the resin system is crucial. Polycarbonates boast high surface quality and optical performance. Furthermore, polycarbonate-based composites are compatible with a wide range of coatings and decoration processes for designing unique surfaces. This makes it possible to develop a clear matt-coating system for the wheelblade that not only retains the beauty of the unidirectional fibers but also provides the needed protection wheels are every vehicle’s touchpoints with the road, and as such, must perform flawlessly.

Mr Yanbing Wang, Senior CMF designer from NIO said that “Maezio composites are a very unique material because they kind of redefine how beauty is associated with carbon fibers. They have set a new aesthetic direction with the unidirectional strands of fibers that remind me of the flowing shapes of rocks within the Antelope Canyon. It feels dynamic and full of energy.”

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Thu, 05 Sep 2019
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