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Toyota Advances towards a Hydrogen Mobility Future with Second Generation Mirai

Auto News - Published on Thu, 23 Jan 2020

Image Source: Toyota Hydrogen Mobility Mirai
Toyota led the world with the introduction of the hydrogen-powered Mirai sedan in 2014. Now it is getting ready to take its advanced zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicle technology to new heights, with the second generation model. Mirai has been a catalyst for increasing global awareness of how a future clean and sustainable hydrogen society might be achieved. It is a car that is technically sophisticated, yet eminently practical with a driving range of around 500 km, easy refuelling in a matter of minutes and no emissions other than pure water. Since launch, around 10,000 have been sold, while Toyota has actively supported the development of hydrogen fuel infrastructure in key markets worldwide.

This has been just the beginning: at the 2019 Tokyo Motor show, Toyota provided an early glimpse of the advances it is making across the board with the new Mirai, in terms of technical excellence, dynamic performance, and desirable design.

Scheduled for launch in late 2020, initially in Japan, North America and Europe, the new Mirai will be much more than an eco-car, showing how its FCEV technology is no barrier to creating a vehicle that is rewarding to drive and beautiful to look at.

Efficiency is still a critical area, and Toyota is targeting a 30% increase in the Mirai’s driving range through improvements to the fuel cell system and the use of larger on-board hydrogen tanks. There are now three tanks – one long, two short – which together increase the fuel capacity by around one kilogram of Hydrogen compared to the current model.

The new Mirai’s immediate impact is in its exterior design, with low lines, elegant proportions, sleek, taut bodywork and large, 20-inch diameter wheels that together generate a powerful and distinctive look.

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Posted By : Arun Huidrom on Thu, 23 Jan 2020
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