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Two units of Kudankulam Nuclear Power perform below par

Power News - Published on Wed, 15 May 2019

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The two units of Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project have generated far less power in the last financial year compared to the previous year. The Unit 1 has generated 36% less power in 2018-19 and Unit 2 has generated 22% less than the previous year as per the data available on NPCIL website. This is the first time both the units have together reported drop in power generation.

The Unit 1 has not generated power in the entire month of March and Tangedco sources said at any given time last year, only one unit was functioning. Set up at a huge cost, the units have been hit by various problems and NPCIL is not coming out in the open about the issues.

A senior NPCIL official said that “We had to take up maintenance issues in both the units and therefore the total power generated last year was less compared to the previous year. Both the units will restart in a few months." But he refused to detail the issues confronting the two units.

Tangedco gets more than 1000MW from the two units. A senior Tangedco official said that “The discom is dependant fully on private sector power companies or is purchasing from open market to make up for the loss from the nuclear power plants."

The official said that “Unfortunately, the NPCIL is not saying when the units will restart operation."

It has come to a stage where Tangedco has clubbed the Kudankulam power source along with renewable sources owing to the uncertainty in generation. “We are not able to prepare any schedule based on Kudankulam supply. It is as good as not being there,” said the official.

Since 2015-16, Unit 1 has generated 17,795 million units and since 2016-17, Unit 2 has generated 7,639 million units.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Wed, 15 May 2019
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