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Ukraine Copper Imports & Exports Decline

Metal News - Published on Wed, 12 Aug 2020

Image Source: Ukraine Copper Import
Kyiv Post reported that according to customs statistics delivered by the State Customs Service of Ukraine on August 7, exports of copper and copper products for the first seven months of the current year decreased by 23.5%, to $39.927 million. In July, copper and copper products were imported for $13.198 million and exported for $6.801 million.

Besides, in January-July Ukraine reduced imports of nickel and its products by 19% compared to the same period of 2019 to $42.779 million (in July $5.995 million), aluminum, and its products by 7.7% to $210.782 million ($30.791 million). At the same time, imports of lead and lead products decreased by 52.2% to $3.579 million ($998,000), tin and tin products decreased by 35.6% to $1.313 million ($253,000), imports of zinc and zinc products reduced as well by 33.8% to $27.702 million ($5.327 million).

Exports of aluminum and aluminum products in January-July decreased by 3.5% compared to January-July 2019, to $58.436 million (in July $9.688 million), lead and lead products decreased by 13%, to $12.970 million ($2.226 million), nickel and nickel products decreased by 53.4% to $1.523 million ($200,000). Zinc exports in January-July amounted to $55,000, while in January-July 2019 it amounted to $385,000 (in July $34,000). Exports of tin and tin products in January-July 2020 amounted to $83,000, since in January-July 2019 $30,000 (in July $1,000).

As reported, in 2019, Ukrainian enterprises increased imports of copper and copper products in value terms by 17.9% compared to 2018, to $124.360 million, exports decreased by 42.9%, to $79.668 million.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 12 Aug 2020
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