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US Canada trade negotiation continuing

Steel News - Published on Thu, 16 May 2019

Image Source: US Embassy
The Canadian Press reported that Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ms Chrystia Freeland came and went from Washington on Wednesday, shifting diplomatic gears and jetting to Havana on a day that saw early hope that the end of the Canada-US tariff dispute was close fizzle in a puff of figurative smoke. Ms Freeland had no new developments to report as she emerged in the morning from the headquarters of the United States Trade Representative. She said “She had a good meeting with Lighthizer. And we made the case, as we have been doing for some time, that the best outcome for both Canadians and Americans would be to lift those tariffs and to have free trade between our two countries.”

Ms Freeland met later with the influential Republican chair of the Senate finance committee, Chuck Grassley, who had said earlier this week that the tariffs might soon be lifted.

US Treasury Secretary Mr Steven Mnuchin, prior to Freeland’s meeting with Trump trade czar Robert Lighthizer, had said in Congress “I think we are close to an understanding with Mexico and Canada.”

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Thu, 16 May 2019
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