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US Imposes 10% Duty on Canadian Aluminium Imports

Metal News - Published on Fri, 07 Aug 2020

Image Source: Aluminium Import US
US President Donald Trump has re imposed 10% tariff on non-alloyed unwrought aluminium imports from Canada. Mr Trump said the tariffs are required to defend the US aluminium market for the reason that Canadian producers had damaged their motivation to halt flooding the US marketplace with a cheaper product or service. Imports from Canada of the product that accounts for the greatest share of Canada’s aluminium exports to the United States have surged over historic ranges. The surge has only intensified in modern months, despite a fall in US demand. Mr Trump said “Several months ago, my administration agreed to lift those tariffs in return for a promise from the Canadian government that its aluminum industry would not flood our country with exports and kill all our aluminum jobs, which is exactly what they did. Canadian aluminum producers have broken that commitment.”

Canada was exempted from the tariffs in 2019 on the basis of an settlement that imports of metal and aluminium solutions from Canada would remain at historic degrees. As aspect of a 2019 arrangement lifting the measures, the US and Canada reported they would monitor imports and, if a place is established to be shopping for in also significantly, one of the other nations could ask for a consultation and potentially re impose tariffs.

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce calling on the United States to lift the newly re-imposed 10 percent tariff on Canadian aluminium imports said “Tariffs were the wrong instrument when they were first imposed in 2018, and they remain the wrong instrument now.”

The Aluminium Association of Canada is very disappointed that the US has levied new tariffs on Canadian aluminium, just as the new trade agreement between Canada, the US and Mexico has come into force. Aluminium Association of Canada President and CEO Jean Simard said "We were already seeing a rebalancing in product mix from basic commodity ingot P1020 back to value added product through the recovery of the automotive industry. There is no surge for 2020 over 2019, monthly anomalies do not make for a yearly surge, they are simply results of changing market dynamics in crisis times."

According to the Aluminium Association of Canada, overall exports of primary aluminum from Canada 7601 into the United States declined by about 2.6 percent from May to June. Primary aluminum import volumes from Canada for the first 6 months of 2020 were nearly 5 percent lower than same period in 2017.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Fri, 07 Aug 2020
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