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US Steel Propane Producers Applaud International Trade Commission Injury Decision

Steel News - Published on Fri, 19 Jul 2019

Image Source: USITC
US producers of steel propane cylinders hailed final determination of the US International Trade Commission that imports of steel propane cylinders from China and Thailand are causing injury to the domestic industry. Mr Paul Rosenthal, counsel to the US producers, applauded the ITC's decision, saying that "This determination will lay the foundation for restoring fair pricing to the marketplace. The Commerce Department made several errors in its analysis of the final dumping margin for Sahamitr. We intend to appeal Commerce's final determination. We are confident that a court order for Commerce to reevaluate its analysis will result in a significantly higher antidumping duty deposit rate on imports of steel propane cylinders from Thailand."

The Commission vote was unanimous, with four members of the ITC voting in the affirmative and one member recused. This was the final step in the antidumping and countervailing duty investigations filed by Worthington Industries, Inc. and Manchester Tank and Equipment on May 22, 2018. The ITC's decision follows the June 17, 2019 determination by the US Department of Commerce that imports of steel propane cylinders from China and Thailand were dumped and that imports from China were also subsidized. As a result of the ITC's vote, the Commerce Department will instruct US Customs and Border Protection to require US importers of steel propane cylinders from China and Thailand to deposit estimated antidumping duties at the time of importation as follows:
Country - Dumping and Subsidy Margins
China - 37-217 percent (combined)
Thailand - 10.77 percent

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Posted By : Ratan Singh on Fri, 19 Jul 2019
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