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Vestas upgrades IKEA Group turbines to maximise asset value

Power News - Published on Fri, 21 Sep 2018

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Leveraging Vestas’ performance improving PowerPlus® products, Vestas will upgrade long-time customer IKEA Group’s global portfolio of Vestas turbines, equalling 316 MW, to maximise the value of their wind energy assets. The upgrades span across six different Vestas turbine types and are expected to generate on average 1.5 percent in additional energy production, estimated at a total of 13.5 GWh a year. With the PowerPlus® programme, Vestas can increase a wind power plant’s energy production and efficiency through site-specific optimisation of operational parameters, implementation of intelligent software algorithms or enhanced aerodynamic performance.

IKEA Group has ambitious sustainability targets in place, including an ambition to produce as much renewable energy as they consume by 2020.

Mr Krister Mattsson, responsible for Financial Asset Management, IKEA Group said that “It is great that we can extended the cooperation with Vestas and optimise the performance of the wind farms. We value long term relationships with our partners as we want to work together to improve and develop quality of operation and maintenance services.”

Mariel Alexandra Garrido Urena, Head of Fleet Optimisation said that “We are thrilled to upgrade IKEA Group’s existing energy assets and support them in reaching their target of powering their production and consumption with renewable energy. We continue to innovate and develop solutions that can increase energy production, which also means that already operating turbines can be upgraded to yield even more energy. In this case, we have improved the existing business case through a global deal, where we upgrade six different turbine types, once again emphasising the flexibility of our offerings.”

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 21 Sep 2018
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