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Victory Resources Updates Current Mal-Wen Copper Project

Mining News - Published on Wed, 12 Aug 2020

Image Source: Victory Resources Mal Wen Copper Project
Victory Resources Corporation announced that the Company is developing a work program for its current Mal-Wen copper project in British Columbia, and actively seeking new properties in the gold, silver and precious metals sector. The Mal-Wen Property is within the eastern belt of the Nicola Group, in south-central BC, which hosts numerous alkalic porphyry deposits, including the presently producing New Afton Mine and past producers Ajax and Copper Mountain.

Key features of alkalic porphyry deposits include:
Alkalic porphyry deposits are attractive exploration targets, as they can form large Cu deposits that are often enriched in Au relative to calc-alkalic porphyries
They are often lower in sulphides, which reduces their environmental risk
The BC Geological Survey has done considerable work in recent years evaluating this belt for its alkalic porphyry potential

The Mal-Wen property is prospective for this style of mineralization

The Mal-Wen Property consists of 6 mineral claims with a total area of 1143.58 hectares that is located about 30 km southeast of Merritt in south-central British Columbia. There have been 6 drill programs and numerous geochemical and geophysical surveys on the Property targeting various styles of Cu-Au mineralization. The drill programs focused narrowly on high grade mineralization at the Mal and Wen Prospects, which give the property its name, with relatively little work done elsewhere.

Four main types of mineralization have been identified on the property. The Wen Prospect vein is a chalcopyrite bearing quartz vein with erratic, locally high gold values up to 16.6 g/t (Verley, 1997). It is usually about 1 m thick, and grades between 0.5% and 1% Cu and under 1 g/t Au. A crude stockwork of quartz-carbonate veins occurs to the east of the Wen Vein. These veins locally feature specular hematite and/or chalcopyrite. They are hosted by fine grained, porphyritic gabbro. South of the stockwork zone is an epidote-carbonate matrix hydrothermal breccia featuring spotty Cu mineralization in the form of chalcopyrite. The clasts are usually basalt, though gabbro clasts have also been noted. The breccia has been mapped at a number of locations to the south and north of the Wen Prospect area.

The stockwork zone and the higher-grade part of the breccia body together form a poorly defined zone of alteration and erratic mineralization at least 70 m wide and over 400 m in length (Kierans, 1972 & Verley, 1996). The final type of mineralization, occurring at the Mal Prospect, is chalcopyrite bearing epidote-garnet-magnetite skarn.

Recent work by Victory Resources has focused on the Cu bearing breccias and vein stockworks found in the Wen Prospect area. Work to date has discovered anomalous hydrothermal breccias to the south of the Wen Zone, but future work will be focused in the areas to the north and east of the Wen Zone, which has seen little exploration.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 12 Aug 2020
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