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Volvo Upgrades its Full-Hybrid Buses

Auto News - Published on Tue, 22 Oct 2019

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Volvo’s hybrid buses have been upgraded. They can now drive silently and emission-free on electricity at higher speeds and cover longre distances than before. This creates new possibilities for operators to use hybrid buses even in zero-emission zones in city centres and other sensitive areas. The upgrade is available for Volvo Buses’ full range of new Euro 6 hybrid buses. Volvo’s hybrid buses can now be driven quietly, emission-free and energy-efficiently on electricity even before arriving at the bus stop, while at a standstill for boarding and exiting, and when leaving the bus stop. Electric propulsion can be used at speeds of up to 50 km/h, compared to the previous 20 km/h. Depending on the climate and the topography, the bus can run on electricity for up to one km at a time.

The upgrade of the hybrid also includes Volvo’s system for geofencing, Volvo Zone Management, which makes it possible for the operator to program the bus so it automatically switches to electric propulsion within selected areas and has its speed regulated without active braking. The upgrade encompasses both Volvo’s new and existing Euro 6 hybrid buses.

Mr Johnny Lidman, Product Manager for city buses at Volvo said that “Since we introduced our first hybrid bus ten years ago, the technology has been continuously developed and refined. With today’s upgrade we are now taking yet another vital step towards expanding our customers’ possibility for harnessing the benefits of electric power while at the same time retaining the impressive flexibility offered by hybrid buses.”

He added that “Each individual city and bus route has its own specific prerequisites. In order to ensure an optimal transport solution, with the right vehicle performance, we always undertake thorough preparation together with our customers, including a detailed analysis of the intended route.”

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Tue, 22 Oct 2019
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