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Waste heat from steel works Unterwellenborn is supposed to heat households

Steel News - Published on Mon, 17 Dec 2018

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Waste heat from the steelworks in Unterwellenborn could in the future help heat thousands of flats in the district of Saalfeld-Rudolstadt.The company, the state-owned energy and green-tech agency and the TWS Thüringer Wärme Service GmbH are starting a feasibility study, as they announced on Thursday. The study will determine how the waste heat can be fed into the district heating network in the most affordable and technically feasible way. The plant claims to produce 900,000 tons of steel per year. This not only consumes a lot of energy, it also creates a lot of heat. Production manager Frank Wagner said that the steelworks has been looking for solutions for some time to make this waste heat affordable. Results of the study will be available in the course of the year 2019.

The use of waste heat from steel production, but also from the ceramics, glass and paper industry, according to the energy and Greentech agency allows savings on a large scale. In Thuringia, which has a population of two million, around 500,000 households could be supplied with it.

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Mon, 17 Dec 2018
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