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Whitebark Energy Update on Wizard Lake Oilfield New Facilities and Pipelines

Gasoil News - Published on Fri, 17 Jan 2020

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Whitebark Energy Limited announced that it's Wizard Lake Oilfield new facilities and pipelines have been successfully operating, trouble-free for 16 days. The facilities separate the gas from the liquids for sales via the Petrus gas processing facilities which are located 15km to the NW. Gas throughput has been held at 2 - 2.5 mmcfd while the wells continue to clean-up and stabilise. Oil throughput uses a heated cascade tank system which uses gravity to separate the oil and water. This system removes up to 99.5% of the water prior to the oil being trucked to receiving stations.

Well operations over the last two weeks (abridged due to the Christmas and New Year break) have focussed on re-establishing full flow from the wells

Rex-1 was cleaned out following the discovery of an obstruction in the hole. The well has been placed on pump to accelerate fluid recoveries and speed the return to pre-shut-in flow rates. Over 700m3 of water was injected into the well during the clean-out operations.

Rex-2 is being converted back to pump, but before doing so, the well is being cleaned out to remove any frac sand that has accumulated in the borehole during the initial flow period. This resets the well and will optimise future flow rates. Production from the well will recommence this week.

Rex-3 continued to flow oil and gas unassisted. To date approximately 30% of the frac fluid has been recovered. The well is flowing through an 11.91mm choke to restrain the gas rate to approximately 2 mmcfd and ensure the well can clean up in an optimal manner. It is presently flowing 350-450 bopd under heavy choke and will continue to do so until the clean-up is complete, with a total fluid water cut of approximately 35%.

Total field production at this stage (from two wells still in clean-up mode) is averaging approximately 550 bopd and 2.2mmcfd. Once Rex-2 is restarted these rates will increase.

The production from the field will continue in a manner that will facilitate the well clean-up process and optimise production rates and uptime for the long term. As with other nearby fields producing from similar reservoirs, the present three wells of the Wizard Lake Oilfield are expected to require up to 90 days to attain their maximum flow rates.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 17 Jan 2020
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