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Whitehaven Coal Illegally Dumps Combustible Canisters At Narrabri Tip

Coal News - Published on Mon, 24 Jun 2019

Image Source: Motley Fool
Northern Daily Leader reported that Whitehaven has been reprimanded for two incidents involving it's Narrabri coal mine, one of which caused several fires to break out at a nearby tip. Over a period of three weeks in April, a number of small fires broke out in the general waste section of the Narrabri landfill. Narrabri Shire Council found the source of the fires were canisters used in breathing apparatus of workers at the nearby underground coal mine. More than 100 individual canisters were found, which contain chemicals that combust when exposed to moisture.

The EPA said that "Council also advised that the canisters were found in double black bags, mixed in with general solid waste loads delivered by Namoi Waste."

The company was issued with a clean up noticed and required to dispose of the canisters properly. The mine was also fined USD 15,000 for creating "large clouds of black coal dust" from the pit top working area of Narrabri Underground Mine on January 5.

Whitehaven declined to comment on either incident. Lock the Gate spokeperson Georgina Woods said the company had a terrible track record when it came to abiding by its licence conditions.

Ms Woods said that "These two separate pollution incidents demonstrate a disdain for the effects of the mine on the public and the environment. The EPA has fined Whitehaven for not operating its mine in a competent manner. That seems to us a pretty serious breach of the public trust.”

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Mon, 24 Jun 2019
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