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Adani Response to Australian Conservation Foundation Legal Action

Coal News - Published on Fri, 20 Mar 2020

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An Adani spokesperson said "These legal proceedings are yet another lawfare tactic by the Australian Conservation Foundation in its campaign against the Australian resources industry and these latest antics by the ACF make a mockery of the group's status as a registered charity. This will be the 12th occasion that groups like these who have charity status, or are closely-affiliated with groups who do, have used the courts in an attempt to delay our project. All of these legal challenges brought about by activists have been unsuccessful.”

He said "We are getting on with building the mine and rail project and the question that needs to be asked is whether it's acceptable for the ACF to maintain its charitable status and collect taxfree dollars to fund political advocacy campaigns like this, which achieve little more than tying up the courts. Construction of our Carmichael mine and rail project is well underway and we won't be distracted by this latest lawfare tactic. We are providing jobs for regional Queenslanders and opportunities for businesses.”

He added "Anti-mining activists and the so-called charities that fund and employ them have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at us to try and stop us building the Carmichael mine and rail project and they have failed. At a time when our country is facing some of its toughest challenges, this inner-city Melbourne organisation couldn't be more out of touch with the tens of thousands of regional Queensland workers who are concerned about their jobs and livelihoods."

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Fri, 20 Mar 2020
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