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China Mobile and Huawei Deploy 5G in Yangquan Coal Mine in Shanxi

Coal News - Published on Wed, 27 Nov 2019

Image Source: 5G Coal Mine
China's coal mining industry is embracing an upgrade with the assistance of 5G-based technology. After inking a framework agreement with China Mobile and Huawei this September, China's largest hard coal producer Yangquan Coal Industry Group in Shanxi has successfully deployed an underground 5G base station in one of its coal mines. The 5G base station, which has undergone an explosion-proof upgrade given the complicated underground working conditions, was put into service earlier this week and can transmit real-time high-definition videos. Under the agreement, the 5G network will be applied in coal mine communication, management, safety production and monitoring.

Mr Lyv Le of China Mobile said “5G has strong covering power but it was unclear whether it would work well under extreme conditions. The successful installation of the base station proves that 5G can be used in such an environment. For example, the thick dust underground interferes with the signal of traditional video and infrared cameras, but has little effect on 5G-based equipment. The large bandwidth and large-scale connection of 5G technology can support more sensors and make data transmission quality higher and more stable. For example, in the past, there was only one monitoring point for 100 devices. Now, with the help of 5G, we can set up 100 monitoring points for a single device, which can greatly improve downhole safety and real-time monitoring."

Yangquan Coal Industry Group is not alone in embracing the new technology. Henan Energy and Chemical Industry Group signed an agreement with China Mobile's Henan branch to build the first 5G-based unmanned mining project in the province. Shandong-based mining conglomerate Yankuang Group has set up a joint lab with China Unicom and ZTE to develop 5G and intelligent mining in areas including 5G-based smart mining, intelligent transportation and drone patrol.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 27 Nov 2019
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