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DTEK to Suspend Coal Mining at Pavlohradvuhillia and 3 CPP

Coal News - Published on Thu, 16 Apr 2020

Image Source: DTEK Pavlohradvuhillia Coronavirus Outbreak
Due to the ongoing systemic crisis in the energy sector of Ukraine, ten mines and auxiliary enterprises of the DTEK Pavlohradcoal, processing plants Pavlohradska, Dobropil’s’ka, Kurahivs’ka CPP, as well as the Pershotravenskyi Repair Plant and DTEK Research and Design Centre will suspended coal mining and processing, in addition to, the repair of mining equipment from April 20. Enterprises will be temporarily inactive, and employees, which will be withdrawn from production, will receive remuneration in accordance with a collective agreement.

It said “A systemic crisis in the energy sector of Ukraine, ongoing since last year, has led to an imbalance of Ukrainian energy system. Manual regulation of the market, ill-conceived decisions, lack of coordination of the industry have together completely destabilized the work of all coal manufacturing enterprises. Due to the uncontrolled importation of electricity from Russia and Belarus, the demand for domestic electricity has decreased and, as a result, the amount in coal needs of thermal power plants has fallen. More than 2.9 million tons of excess coal has been accumulated in the warehouses of TPPs and mines. Work at approximately 30 coal mines have been suspended in the country and more than 40 thousand people were withdrawn from production. The loss of thermal generation over the past six months equates to 3.1 billion UAH. All TPPs are currently operating with minimum number of power units, with roughly 50% of employees withdrawn from production.”

It said “The negative situation is aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic, which caused the general economic decline. As a result of quarantine, electricity consumption in the country has been reduced: respectively electricity production and payments for it have been decreased. Due to the lack of demand for domestic electricity, earlier DTEK Energy had to suspend 5 mines DTEK Dobropilliacoal, DTEK Bilozerska Mine and DTEK Zhovtneva CPP. But, as the situation becomes more and more critical, it was decided to suspend the work of DTEK Pavlohradcoal, three CPP, the Pershotravenskyi Repair Plant and the DTEK Research and Design Centre. From April 20, about 18,700 employees across mines, auxiliary enterprises of factories and plants will be withdrawn from production. The remaining employees will provide maintenance services for enterprises – ventilation of mine workings, the pumping of water and maintenance of production. This will allow to quickly resume the work of enterprises when the situation in the industry will change. In accordance with the Sectoral Agreement and collective agreements, all employees, which will be withdrawn from production, will continue to receive income commensurate with the amount of the tariff rate, while retaining their seniority.”

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Thu, 16 Apr 2020
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