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North Korea exports coal as ‘Russian’ in bid to beat sanctions - Report

Coal News - Published on Thu, 09 Aug 2018

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RFA reported that in a move aimed at evading UN sanctions, North Korea is exporting coal to foreign buyers by sending shipments first to Russian ports, where the coal is falsely labeled as Russian-origin, North Korean sources say. The export of North Korean coal is now strictly banned under international sanctions punishing Pyongyang for its illicit nuclear weapons program, but North Korea has now opened new routes for trade with Russian help, a trade worker in North Pyongan province told RFA’s Korean Service.

RFA’s source said, speaking on condition of anonymity that “As sanctions on North Korea came into effect a couple of years ago, export routes for coal were blocked. So North Korean trading companies have been shipping coal to the ports of Nakhodka and Vladivostok in the southern part of Primorsky Krai, in Russia. North Korean coal is then disguised as having come from Russia and is sent on to other countries under fake documents.”

He added that loading ports for North Korean coal were formerly at Nampo and Songrim, on North Korea’s west coast close to China, but have now been moved to Chongjin and Wonsan, on the country’s eastern coast close to Russia.

He said that “When North Korean coal arrives at Nakhodka, a Russian company records its time of arrival, the length of the ship’s stay in port, and the amount of coal taken off. They then create false papers including a statement of the coal’s quality.”

With these documents declaring the coal to be of Russian origin, “North Korea now has no problem exporting coal to other countries,” he said.

RFA’s source said that“The name of the Russian company that my company has been working with is Greenwich, and is located at the port in Nakhodka.” RFA’s source added that “They ask for two dollars per ton to disguise North Korean coal as Russian, and the North Korean trading company pays them right away.”

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Posted By : Joykumar Irom on Thu, 09 Aug 2018
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