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Polish says coal set to be Poland main energy source until 2060

Coal News - Published on Sun, 17 Nov 2013

The Polish government said that coal will remain Poland’s best energy option up to 2060.

As the United Nations gathered in Warsaw this week to hammer out a global climate change deal, Poland’s chancellery released its new energy strategy its first since 2009.

The analysis looks at the options for Poland’s energy mix over the next 50 years. The report concludes that coal provides the cheapest and therefore the optimal, solution to supply Poland’s power up to 2060.

While the report takes into account the potential for a high carbon price in the future something which the Polish government has been resisting environmentalists have condemned the report for failing to incorporate the environmental and social costs of coal.

Mr Tobiasz Adamczewski from WWF-Poland said that “The analysis says the cheapest way to generate electricity for the next 50 years is through going into coal. This model shows that the optimal way of producing energy and the cheapest way possible is by doing it through coal.”

Mr Adamczewski said that, while he welcomes the inclusion of various scenarios that the report takes into account, the results are skewed by the focus on the economics of Poland’s future energy mix to the exclusion of all other social costs.

He said that “The problem that we have with it is that it hasn’t included outside costs, so it’s not quantified how much it will cost society and environment to keep going on this coal.”

He added that “If that was included in the model then I’m assuming that the outcome would be completely different, that the optimal least cost scenario would be based on something completely different.”

External costs
Mr Andrzej Kassenberg President of the Institute for Sustainable Development in Poland said that the government’s assertion that the external costs of producing coal could not be accurately quantified were flawed.

Mr Kassenberg said that “They mention that this study is without external costs but their criticism of the external cost calculation from our knowledge is not correct. They say they are not sure calculations. There are many calculations.”

He said that “There are calculations from Poland, for example, that the external cost of the production of electricity in Poland is 2.1% of the GDP per year very high, because we are 90% based on coal.”

He added that, apart from the global warming issue, there are also pollutants associated with coal such as the small particles created by combustion that cause health problems in humans, as well as heavy metals and they are not calculated.

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