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S metallurgical coal exports up double digits in 2017

Coal News - Published on Wed, 25 Apr 2018

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Biz Journals reported that not every part of the coal industry is hurting. While thermal coal has seen better days, metallurgical coal the kind used in the steel-making process has seen a strong uptick in production and sales. According to recently released data from the US Energy Information Administration, the boost in metallurgical coal is due in large part to the amount of exports, which jumped 35 % to 55.2 million short tons in 2017.

Canada, Japan and Ukraine were the biggest customers for US-made metallurgical coal during 2017.

Japan took in the most US metallurgical coal, with 4.9 million short tons, up 26 % from 2016. That was followed by Ukraine, which saw a 113 % increase to 4.3 million. Canada’s 4.1 million was up 9.8 %.

The highest pct increases by country were China, which increased its coal imports from the US by 304 % to 2.9 million short tons, and Poland, whose imports of US metallurgical coal rose 244 % to 831,000 short tons.

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Wed, 25 Apr 2018
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