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US thermal coal exports jump to 5 year high in September - Census

Coal News - Published on Thu, 08 Nov 2018

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Due to a sharp decline in metallurgical coal exports, as well as a near weeklong disruption at the Port of Virginia from Hurricane Florence, US coal exports fell to a six-month low 8.6 million mt in September, down 5.7% from 9.12 million mt in August, but were capped off by thermal exports, which were at the highest level since March 2013, US Census Bureau data showed. However, the latest month was up 6.6% from 8.07 million mt shipped out in the year-ago month. Thermal coal exports were at 4.9 million mt, up 23.2% from August and 56% higher year on year. It was the highest monthly export volume since 5.5 million mt was shipped out in March 2013.

It was also the second time in three months and only the fourth time in the last six years that thermal coal exports exceeded metallurgical coal shipments (July 2018, February 2015 and October 2012).

Year-to-date thermal exports are at 37.03 million mt, up 44.4% from the first nine months of 2017, due to five of the six largest thermal coal importers -- India, South Korea, Mexico, Japan and Egypt -- seeing over seven-year highs. The Netherlands was the only country to see a yearly decrease.

Thermal exports out of Baltimore nearly doubled in September to 1.23 million mt, up 95% month on month and the highest in over seven years. Shipments out of New Orleans also jumped 19.5% month on month to 1.81 million mt, which were also the most since 2.14 million mt was exported in July 2012.

Bituminous exports to 26 different countries totaled 4.26 million mt in September, up 29.9% month on month and 74.9% from a year ago.

India received the largest volume of bituminous coal at 1.22 million mt, up 53.2% from 796,394 mt a month earlier. The Netherlands also imported 844,553 mt of bituminous coal in September, up fourfold from 209,341 mt in August and the highest since 911,415 mt in February 2017, while 460,062 mt was shipped to the UK, up 114% from August and the most since 487,412 mt in January 2015.

Subbituminous exports were at 622,812 mt, down 2.3% from 637,339 mt from a month earlier but up 6.4% from the year-ago month.

South Korea received 301,787 mt, or 48.4%, of the total subbituminous exports in September, down from 453,191 mt, or 71.1%, a month earlier. Mexico imported 163,499 mt, up from 153,550 mt a month earlier, while India imported 82,659 mt, its first subbituminous exports since 44,000 mt in July 2017.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Thu, 08 Nov 2018
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