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Digital technologies Boost Earnings at Johan Sverdrup

Gasoil News - Published on Mon, 12 Oct 2020

Image Source: Equinor Johan Sverdrup
One year after the field came on stream digital solutions are key to maintaining high safety standards and value creation in all parts of the operations at Johan Sverdrup. This has increased earnings by more than NOK two billion. Digital solutions help increase subsurface understanding, ensure more efficient start-up of wells, higher stable production and more efficient maintenance.

The increased earnings are mainly a result of:
Higher stable production by means of automated production optimization
Improved accuracy in the reservoir by means of broader and more complex data sets, providing us with more information about the reservoir
More efficient operations and maintenance by means of the solutions for the digital field worker where the operators use tablets in their daily work and the digital twin, which is a virtual copy of the platform

Collaboration with the integrated operations centre onshore is vital to optimize production and de-bottleneck processes. This can reduce unscheduled downtime, and improve maintenance and energy utilization.

At Sverdrup a number of other digital initiatives are also being tested out, such as robots over and under water, machine learning and the use of 3D printing technology.

This year we upscale the use of digital solutions both in Norway and internationally. Many of our employees onshore and offshore will see that data-driven decision-making, portable units and personalized applications become part of everyday life and contribute to a simpler, safer and more efficient workday.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 12 Oct 2020
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