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Fishbones Completes 2 Reservoir Stimulation Projects for Aker BP

Gasoil News - Published on Thu, 05 Sep 2019

Image Source: Oilfield Technology
Fishbones has completed two reservoir stimulation jobs for Aker BP in the North Sea, increasing accessible reserves on Ivar Aasen, while matching the productivity of proppant fractured wells on Valhall. In May, a Fishbones Drilling completion was installed in a new horizontal well in the Ivar Aasen field in the North Sea. The field is operated by Aker BP, with Equinor the largest asset owner. Originally, it had 180 MMboe in reserves. The well targeted the ‘alluvial fan’ formation below the main producing formation on Ivar Aasen, which is a 25-meter-thick shaly, layered sandstone formation. A liner with 20 Fishbones Drilling subs, in combination with sand screens, was deployed with the objective of connecting the layered formation while maintaining sand control. The installation is considered a success with no operational challenges. The well behavior so far looks promising. The successful installation of Fishbones’s Drilling technology indicates improved productivity and has contributed to the success of the well.

Further wells with Fishbones Drilling in Ivar Aasen are being considered, as well as in other Aker BP- operated fields.

The world's first simultaneous jetting of 72 Laterals with solids control took place on Aker BP’s Valhall field in 2018. The installation of the slotted needles jetting system in a pilot well on Valhall was the first of its kind globally. Analysis of the production results shows that productivity of the pilot well appears to fall within the trend of proppant fractured producers in the same field.

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Posted By : Sanju Moirangthem on Thu, 05 Sep 2019
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