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Inida's high-level panel for reverting to older system of auctioning oil blocks

Gasoil News - Published on Tue, 19 Feb 2019

Image Source: Zee Business
PTI reported that 2 years after the government shifted to revenue sharing contracts for oil and gas block auctions, a high-level panel has suggested reverting back to older system of awarding areas in most basins based on exploration commitment. The six-member panel, headed by NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Mr Rajiv Kumar, which was formed on directions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in its report submitted on January 29 stated that "unexplored areas in Category II & III basins be bid out exclusively based on exploration work programme".

It said that "No revenue or production sharing other than payment of statutory levies (including royalty)" should be the criteria. However, in case of windfall gain defined as revenue of more than USD 2.5 billion in a financial year from the block, then 50 per cent sharing of incremental revenue above USD 2.5 billion."

The BJP-led NDA government had two years back moved from production sharing contracts, where acreage for exploration of oil and gas was allocated to firms offering the largest work programmes (such as carrying out seismic survey and drilling of wells), to revenue sharing contracts, where the firm offering highest revenue to the government was given the blocks.

The move to revenue sharing was contrary to most of the industry players being against the new regime.

Meanwhile, India has 26 sedimentary basins measuring 3.14 million square kilometers. These are classified into four categories: Category-I basins where commercial production has been established like Cambay, Mumbai Offshore, Rajasthan, Krishna Godavari, Cauvery, Assam Shelf and Assam-Arakan fold belt; Category-II basins with known accumulation of hydrocarbons but no commercial production so far such as Kutch, Mahanadi-NEC (North East Coast), Andaman-Nicobar and Kerala-Konkan-Lakshadweep.

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Posted By : Rabi Wangkhem on Tue, 19 Feb 2019
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