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Glossary Financial Terms List
Glossary NameAbbreviation
A statement sent to the IRS and taxpayers 1099
Fifth letter of a Nasdaq stock symbol X
The standard analysts' principle 10% guideline
The standard individual tax return form 1040 form
The tax statement used for reporting proceeds 1099 B
The tax statement used for reporting dividends 1099 DIV
Annual report required by the SEC each year 10-K
Quarterly report required by the SEC each quarter 10-Q
Fees specified in SEC's Rule 12B-1 12B-1 fees
SEC's Rule 12B-1 12B-1 funds
Section 401(K) of the Internal Revenue Code 401(K)
Nasdaq stock symbol specifying Class A shares A
Bank rating AAA+ Bank
American Association of Individual Investors AAII
Accumulated Benefit Obligation ABO
Automated bond system ABS
Automated Customer Account Transfer ACAT
Advance Computerized Execution System ACES
Automated Clearing House ACH
Accelerated cost recovery system ACRS
Asian Currency Units ACU
ISO 3166 country code for ANDORRA. AD
Advance-Decline A-D
Adjusted Debit Balance ADB
Adjusted debit balance ADB
Automatic Data Processing ADP
American Depository Receipt ADR
American Depository Share ADS
ISO 3166 country code for UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. AE
currency code for United Arab Emirates AED
Amsterdam Exchange AEX
country code for AFGHANISTAN. AF
currency code for Afghan AFA
Amman Financial Market AFM
country code for ANTIGUA AND BARBUDAAG. AG
Adjusted gross income AGI
country code for ANGUILLAAI. AI
Association of Bond Dealers AIBD
country code for ALBANIA AL
currency code for Albania ALL
Trading System under U.S. Securities Act ALT
country code for ARMENIA AM
currency code for Armenia AMD
American Stock Exchange AMEX
Auction Market Preferred Stock AMPS
Alternative Minimum Tax AMT
currency code for Netherlands ANG
country code for ANGOLA AO
All or none order AON
ISO 4217 currency code for Angolan Reajustado Kwanza AOR
Automated Order System AOS
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Pact APEC
Annual percentage rate APR
Auction Preferred Stock APS
Arbitrage Pricing Theory APT
Automated Pit Trading APT
Adjusted present value APV
Annual percentage yield APY
ISO 3166 country code for ANTARCTICA AQ
ISO 3166 country code for ARGENTINA AR
Auto-Regressive Process AR
Auto-Regressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity ARCH
Adjustable-rate mortgage ARM
Adjustable-rate preferred stock ARPS
Auction rate preferred stock ARPS
rate of return ARR
Average rate of return ARR
ISO 4217 currency code for Argentinan Peso ARS
ISO 3166 country code for AMERICAN SAMOA AS
Athens Stock Exchange ASE
Association of Southeast Asian Nations ASEAN
Australian Stock Exchange ASX
ASX Derivatives and Options Market ASXD
ISO 3166 country code for AUSTRIA AT
Automated teller maching ATM
Arbitrage Trading Program ATP
ISO 4217 currency code for Austrian Schilling ATS
Automatic transfer service account ATS
ISO 3166 country code for AUSTRALIA AU