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POSCO Picked New Construction Technology with P-Box Joining Method

Infra News - Published on Wed, 14 Aug 2019

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POSCO-developed POSCO-Box Column and reinforced concrete beam joining method was designated as the new construction technology (868) on July 23. This technology joins reinforced concrete beams, which are horizontal structural materials, to P-Box columns, which are concrete filled steel pipe products, and is a unique method that does not depend on domestic or foreign technology. POSCO's unique solution is expected to revolutionize the construction market.

P-Box is a product that improves strength by filling concrete inside a rectangular column made by bending HSA600 (High performance Steel for Architecture 600), a POSCO WTP (World Top Premium) hot rolled product. HSA600 is a building hot rolled material with a thickness of 6 ~ 16mm and guarantees 600Mpa of tensile strength and 0.8 yield ratio. Currently, POSCO can produce hot rolled products with a seismic capacity of 600Mpa or more.

Existing rectangular steel pipes are manufactured by welding all four corners, which is high in price and difficult to secure quality. In addition, due to the influence of the internal reinforcing material, even a 6mm plate can secure the same strength as the existing 9mm thickness.

The basics of this technique begin by building an elongated P-Box at the factory and then pre-attaching the anchor to join the beam to the column. After that, the column is moved to the construction site and installed, and horizontal beams are attached to each anchor. The P-Box column is 15m high, so three floors can be constructed at a time. Compared to the reinforced concrete method, which requires raising only one floor at a time, this part has a big difference.

However, it was difficult to be price competitive by 1: 1 replacement of the columns of reinforced concrete structures with P-Box columns. To solve this challenge, POSCO applied a girder with a width wider than the width of the column. The girder connects the pillars with the pillars. When the width of the girder is wider than the column, the load supported by one girder can be increased to reduce the existing two girders to one, and the beam connecting the girder can be completely removed.

In addition, if the pillar of the existing construction method required a size of 1,000mm x 1,000mm, the new technology using the P-Box pillar can bear the same weight with only 500mm x 500mm. The smaller the columns, the greater the effective area in the building, even on sites of the same size. That is, the same space can be used more widely. It is possible to secure 10 ~ 15% economical efficiency compared to the existing reinforced concrete method, and it is also an eco-friendly method that can reduce carbon emissions.

POSCO researched this technology jointly with POSCO E & C, and included engineering companies such as Piccoms and general contractors Halla, Hanyang, and Lakeside Construction. The aim is to enable realistic technology development throughout the entire line of construction, from materials, design and construction. In addition, POSCO's Jiangsu customer, Dukam Tech Co., Ltd. supports the production of new products using new technologies, contributing to the increase of customers' technology and sales.

This new technology has already been applied to more than 11 locations, including the parking lot of Hotel Shilla, Jangchung-dong, Seoul Munjeong-dong, and Hanam, Seoul. The design manager of Hoban Construction Co., Ltd. said, "With this technology, we reduced the construction cost and shortened the construction period by 15%, and reduced the cross section of the column by 40%, increasing the area for sale." In addition, the technical manager of Hanyang Co., Ltd. said, “The P-Box using POSCO HSA600 steel is of high quality by the factory and can be installed up to 15m per member at once.

The P-Box joining method, designated as a new construction technology, is given a protection period for the next eight years. It is recommended that the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport apply the new technology first to the ordering client.

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Posted By : Mohan Sharma on Wed, 14 Aug 2019
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