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Sacyr Opens a section of 4G Road Project between Rumichaca & Pasto in Colombia

Infra News - Published on Mon, 06 Jul 2020

Image Source: Sacyr Rumichaca Pasto Highway
Concesionaria Vial Unión del Sur, led by Sacyr Concessions, has made the first section of the 4G road project between Rumichaca and Pasto in Colombia operational. This 16.9 kilometre stretch of dual carriageway between Tangua and Catambuco together with 5.2 kilometre of improvements between Catambuco and Pasto is 27% of the total length of the project. The project includes the construction of a second 83 kilometre road between Pasto, capital of the Nariño Department and Rumichaca, a town on the border with Ecuador, which will increase the country's competitiveness, the region's connectivity and boost the economic and social development of the communities in the area of influence. The planned construction investment is EUR 690 million. The section is divided into two parts.

Tangua to Catambuco dual carriageway stretches for a total of 16.9 kilometre, this includes 13.4 kilometre of an adjoining second lane which is attached to the existing one, improvements to the existing roadway and 3.5 kilometre of completely new dual carriageway. This section has four U-turn facilities and one pedestrian bridge. 3.25 million cubic meter of land was removed. The construction used 5.885 cubic meter of concrete & 53.333 cubic meter of asphalt mixture.

Improvements to the Catambuco to Pasto section, was across 5.2 kilometre of the existing roadway involving relocation of electrical, aqueduct and sewerage networks, and adaptation of the existing drainage system. Widening of the current roadway to 12.9 metres as per regulations: 3.65 metres per lane, 1.8 metres of road verge on each side and new 1 metre kerbs. In addition, some curves were adjusted to ensure the 60 km/h design of the project. Moreover, the transfer and protection of networks, eight aqueducts, four sewers and five irrigation districts were also carried out to ensure the well-being of the populations in the area of influence. The entire section has an information system which is linked through variable message panels, informative speed cameras, surveillance cameras, SOS posts to contact control centres, lights at junctions, U-turn facilities, pedestrian and vehicular bridges.

Road users from Tangua to Pasto will save half the time usually spent on the journey.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Mon, 06 Jul 2020
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