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Scandals - 4 contractors suspended over MTR Shatin-Central Link

Infra News - Published on Thu, 11 Oct 2018

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EJ Insight reported that the government has meted out punishments to four contractors responsible for the shoddy-work scandals that have rocked the HKD 87.3 billion MTR Shatin-Central Link (SCL) project. The Development Bureau said the actions taken against Leighton Contractors (Asia), Samsung C&T, Hsin Chong Construction and China State Construction Engineering (Hong Kong) pertain to construction issues at the MTR Hung Hom Station, To Kwa Wan Station and Exhibition Centre Station under the project.

According to the Contractor Management Handbook, which was promulgated by the government in 2001 to monitor the performance of public works contractors and suppliers, the bureau can take appropriate regulating actions against the contractors in accordance with established procedures if they are found or suspected to have committed serious poor performance in any public or private sector works contract.

Regulating actions include suspension from tendering, downgrading to probationary status, demotion to a lower group, or removal from the relevant Lists of Approved Contractors for Public Works and of Approved Suppliers of Materials and Specialist Contractors for Public Works (Approved Lists).

At the Hung Hom Station, it was found that the contractors cut short the steel bars for the concrete walls of the underground platforms and tampered with engineering designs.

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Posted By : Nanda Koijam on Thu, 11 Oct 2018
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