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FSUE Rosmorport Fleet Replenished with Two New Motor Boats

Logistic News - Published on Fri, 24 Jul 2020

Image Source: FSUE Rosmorport
The FSUE Rosmorport fleet received two workboats with the hybrid electric propulsion system the Anatoly Klimov and the Viktor Voronov of ST23WIM-H Project KM Ice3 R2 AUT3 Class, on July 10, 2020.

Vessel Particulars
Length – 25.7 meters
Breadth – 6.8 meters
Draft – 1.8 meters
Sailing Rate – 13.2 knots
Crew -2 persons
Others - 10 persons
Endurance – 5 days

The vessels have been built at the Onego Shipyard for the Vanino Branch. The startup and commissioning works and tests enabled achieving additional operating point of the hybrid (combined) propulsion system in relation to the prescribed technical specifications under the contract and service conditions of the boat. The boats have the hybrid (combined) propulsion system with the electric propulsion innovation unit, which has no parallel. The technical solutions of the project make it possible to choose an optimal mode of the propulsion system in one of the multiple operating modes of the boat. It allows the boat to move at a speed of up to six knots without the main engine run with the use of sea batteries as a power source at the maximal speed without running the diesel generators.

The sea trials proved the full conformity to technical specifications and the operational readiness. The trials also checked the state of equipment, technical specifications and performance data of the boats as a whole, the operation of the propulsion system in different modes and the function of automation, management, navigation and communication systems.

The boats can be used round-the-year in non-freezing seas, and in freezing seas in the summer in the moderate marine climate at the air temperatures from minus 20 degrees Celsius to plus 35 degrees Celsius, at the sea temperature from minus 2 degrees Celsius to plus 15 degrees Celsius.

The new boats are designed for inspecting the state of navigable waters, the examination and environmental monitoring of water areas, and participating in rescue operations. If necessary, they are capable of embarking and disembarking pilots and providing pilotage in navigable waters.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Fri, 24 Jul 2020
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