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German LNG Terminal & RWE to explore Hydrogen opportunities via Brunsbuttel

Logistic News - Published on Wed, 24 Jun 2020

Image Source: German LNG Terminal
To develop green hydrogen possibilities via the planned LNG terminal in Brunsbuttel, RWE and German LNG Terminal, the joint venture developing Germany’s first LNG terminal, have agreed to jointly explore the opportunities of this climate friendly fuel. Both companies have therefore signed an agreement, manifested in form of a Memorandum of Understanding, to promote the use of hydrogen produced from renewable sources. In September 2018, both companies had already signed a long-term agreement for a considerable part of the planned terminal’s LNG import capacity.

Domestic production will not be able to meet the anticipated future demand, posing the need for import of the climate friendly fuel. LNG import terminals like Brunsbuttel can be combined with entry points for (liquid) hydrogen produced in other regions of the world where wind and solar energy are available at larger scale and lower cost than in Germany. Existing gas pipelines connected to the LNG terminal are perfectly fit to distribute hydrogen locally.

Currently the parties are in the final phase of negotiating fully binding legal contracts for LNG imports. RWE and German LNG expect this process to be finalised by the end of 2020, putting German LNG in a position to reach a positive investment decision shortly thereafter.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 24 Jun 2020
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