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MSC Makes First Shipment of Avocado from Colombia to China

Logistic News - Published on Wed, 24 Jun 2020

Image Source: MSC Avacado
The first ever shipment of Hass avocados from Colombia to China is about to arrive in Shanghai in MSC’s Aztec service. A MSC vessel carrying 28 tons of the fruit set sail from the Pacific port of Buenaventura on May 28, and is scheduled to reach its destination within the next few days. They are being transported from Buenaventura using Controlled Atmosphere technology, which keeps perishable products and temperature-sensitive cargo fresh for the entire journey. This milestone journey follows a 2019 trade agreement allowing Colombia to export avocados to China. Gaining entry to the Chinese market, the world’s second largest economy, is a major opportunity for Colombian avocado growers. By bringing cargo to faraway destinations in perfect condition, MSC is proud to help South American companies expand their business beyond the continent.

Thanks to its proximity to the equator, Colombia is able to produce avocados throughout the year. The country ranks among the world’s top producers and exporters of this nutritious and increasingly popular fruit. Demand is growing particularly rapidly in China, thanks to a rise in purchasing power and a shift towards a more varied diet, so Colombian exports will help to secure a fresh supply all year round. However, moving avocados from one continent to another requires the highest level of care. Regulating the atmospheric composition inside the refrigerated or “reefer” containers throughout their journey is crucial, in order to preserve the fruit’s taste, freshness, texture and aroma.

MSC was chosen to carry out this important task using CA technology to slow down the ripening process and extend shelf-life. This allows fruit to travel long distances while retaining the same appearance, flavour and quality as when it was harvested.

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Posted By : Yogender Pancholi on Wed, 24 Jun 2020
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